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A large part of what we do is done through our Zine agency.

Zine is a digital media company that operates nationally in the UK. If you are in need of having a first class website built, social media management, app development and just about anything else digital, then you have arrived at a good place. We even organise events, supply online reputation management, run PPC campaigns and supply branding services; designing logos and headers for your website and social media properties.

We offer great web design, plus all of the associated services to assist you in presenting your company in the best possible light. Our aim is to create websites that work for the client, helping you to do the thing that you want most; to successfully build your business.

Our clients range from nationally recognised brands through to the smallest one-man/woman businesses. It doesn't matter how big or small you are, we want to help.


Very small websites 1-3 pages are generally built local to us in Luton. Zine_page_websiteLarger sites; as large and as complex as you need, are built by the Zine team in Barnard Castle, County Durham. By having the two build teams we are able to make our operation and prices truly scalable. No job is too big, or too small.

You can take a look at the website design portfolio here, or by clicking on the image to the right.

So, if you have any questions at all about getting a website built the first step is just to ask us. Contact details here.

Search Marketing

Also known as Content Marketing or Inbound Marketing, depending on where you are getting your buzzwords from!

What this means is to make yourself visible to the search engines by effective use of blogging, Facebook, Twitter and the like. The trick is to offer valuable content that is sufficiently good to build an audience.

Not only that, you must also know how to optimise your content and pages to please the various search engines (SEO optimisation) and to demonstrate visitor engagement for the search algorithms.

Most people know that they need to do this. They are just too inexpert, or else too busy to do this regularly enough to make a difference.

Search marketing needs a steady, professional approach to work well.

We offer this as a service in exchange for a monthly fee. Results are rarely immediate, but we supply monthly reports to demonstrate progress. We can also predict in advance what success we might be able to achieve for you for your chosen search phrases.

If you are interested in pursuing this, either call us, or else email. We can then get a free SEO audit done for your site - if you already have a site - and let you know how well your website is currently performing, versus what we think we can achieve. At the same time we will supply a price quotation.

Note: Beware paying for link bulding services. If Google detects that links are being built from random and inappropriate locations they will punish you be removing your site from the index. Furthermore disavowing bad links is a long and tedious process - which we can also do for you, by the way.


fade-leftfade-rightAnimations - For Greater Sales Impact

We can advise on a range of ways of getting videos done, but if you are interested in so called 'Explainer' videos we do these in house.

As well as building the animation for you, with use of any special product images that you may need, we can either voice the video for you, or else accept a recording of your voice, or that of a voice actor. In the latter case we can advise on where to find one. The video is then built (timed) around the voice recording.

Alternatively, we can negate the need for spoken words by the use of text, image and music in the animation.

It is always best to keep animations (or any videos) as short as possible. A minute or less is ideal.

We will help with scripting where necessary. It is important that videos do not become too cluttered, either with spoken words, or imagery.

Prices start at just £99

Old-Fashioned Marketing Advice

Everything we do at Webwisa relates to marketing in one way or another. If you have a website designed or want help with search marketing, these are aspects of marketing your company on the internet.

However, before you go ahead with any such services you will have considered your budget and asked yourself if these things represent the most sensible use of your financial resources. In other words, you will have made a marketing decision on how to get the best bang for your company buck. Maybe you made the right decision, maybe you didn't.

Professional marketers are individuals; often employed by large agencies who specialise in advising companies on how to best showcase their wares to the most appropriate and targeted audience in the most cost-effective ways. Guess what? We don't do that, we don't have the skills in-house.

However, we do work with others who have these skills in abundance; talented people with lots of experience in big agencies. Better still, they no longer work for big agencies. So, you get great advice based on years of experience for sensible rates. Contact us for an introduction.


It's not easy to give detailed ideas on prices because so many of the services mentioned are scalable, so we have to begin by asking what it is that you would like done?

Broadly speaking, we are mid-priced. We are not dirt-cheap because that rarely lends itself to a fully professional, fully responsible service, but on the other hand we are not impossibly high-end (i.e. think of a number and triple it, because we have offices in Soho). Our prices are fair and reasonable and probably about where you might expect them to be.

With regard to prices and quotes, the good news is that I (the owner of Webwisa) am very helpful and approachable and not prone to pestering people whenever they make an enquiry.

If you have questions relating to any of the above, just ask and I will try to answer. If you want a formal quote, or for me to visit, then I will. Otherwise, I won't pester you just because you asked a question.

My Role

My name is Paul Gallimore and I operate a Zine website agency, based in Luton, Bedfordshire, though I can and do offer mainly website building services much further afield. I also own and run the website.

Zine is a nationwide digital media company. In fact, it's more than nationwide, as the franchise has now traveled beyond the UK. The company is based in the north east of England and directly employs, in the UK, all manner of specialists in the digital media business. None of the design, development or programming work is outsourced.

Learn More About Zine
The best way to learn about Zine and the services that we offer is to take a look at the company's main website, here. Be sure to look at the portfolio of designs and see if there is one that takes your fancy. If not, no problem, just point us to a design that you do like and we will be able to help you.

Thanks for dropping by.


PS. You can email or phone me via the Contact page of this website.