Training With The Sales Masters Guild

I spent a couple of days last week training with John Kettley’s Sales Masters Guild in Stevenage.

John’s organisation exists to teach business and sales skills to start-ups and to more established businesses. In the case of start-ups this is obviously often much needed, but the same can be said for older firms too.

If you don’t believe that last statement, then maybe you should read the E-Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber.

I first met John and one of his associate trainers, Olivier Carion, at a 4N networking meeting in the Icon hotel, Luton. I was impressed enough to invest in a couple of days of education.

Day One – Business Breakthrough Day

Part of the first day was spent having the vital importance of establishing a USP for a business driven home to us.

Everybody knows about having a unique selling point (or proposition), but how many really develop a marketable USP? Not me. Not yet.

Many businesses know that they offer a high quality service, but it helps greatly if you can distil that down to a single memorable phrase that others can carry forward for you by word of mouth.

Establishing an effective sales funnel, SWOT analysis and time management were other topics that also got an airing.

In the case of time management, there cannot be many small businesses that allocate time slots very effectively from day one. Certainly not mine, but I’m working on it.

Day Two – Sales Techniques

The second day was a lot of fun and focused on sales technique and delving into the fascinating realm of sales psychology.

I have had plenty of exposure to this before, having read such books as Cashvertising by Drew Eric Whitman, The Psychology of Selling by Brian Tracy and The Unfair Advantage by Duane Lakin, in particular.

All recommended books, by the way.

However, it’s one thing to read about this stuff and quite another to actually stare into somebody’s eyes and watch how they move when you ask them to describe something, imagine a scene, or to remember a familiar sound.

This is exactly what I did when I was asked to sit opposite Nosheen Lone of TekOne Technologies and quiz her on any subjects that I could think of that would stimulate these responses.

The result was very telling and gave a powerful insight into how the likes of the police, clever salesmen and showmen, such as Derren Brown, can operate.

I could observe how when Nosheen’s eyes moved up in one direction she was describing a scene, if they moved the other way she was constructing a scene. When they lowered she was using auditory recall, or lower still and she was imagining how something felt at a physical level; kinaesthetic recall.

In other words, to some extent I could read what she was thinking. At least, I could see how she was thinking.

Scary stuff. Though, it would clearly take a lot of practise to become skilled at it and to really use it to your advantage.

How could you use it to your advantage? Well, most people are biased towards one type of thinking or other. So, if you know that somebody is an auditory thinker, you would know that he tends to hear past conversations, rather than view scenes.

When selling to that person you would then use phrases like, ‘I hear what you’re saying’, or ‘Let me tell you what we think.’

With visual thinkers it might be, ‘Can you see what I mean?’ or ‘What is your view of that?’ There are alternatives words that can be used  for Kinaesthetic thinkers. Are you beginning to grasp my point?

The purpose of all of this is to mirror the other person and build rapport, or in the case of the police they can tell when somebody is lying. If the eyes tell them that a suspect is constructing a mental image, as opposed to recalling one, then they are probably not telling the truth.

Read Duane Lakin’s book, detailed above, if you want the full picture of this. Or should I say’ if you want to hear more’?

All in all, I would say it was two days very well spent. Especially if I take into account the interesting people that I met and the business contacts made. For example; Want to know someone who can teach you to become a trainer in Fire Walking? I now know a man who can.

Would I consider signing up to the guild’s twelve month Project Blueprint – We 100% guarantee, you will double your income within 12 months as you Build a business that works… ?

Yes, I am considering it.