Website and Blog Essentials

What impression does your website make in the crucial first few seconds of a visit? Does it engage visitors or scare them off? And is your blog helping, or just wasting your precious time? Here is how to set things right.

Making Your Website Count - An Introduction

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How To Instruct Your Website Designer

To specify colours for a designer you can use the colorpicker website.

Functional and design brief checklists available on application.

Blogging - Part 1 - Blog Post Content - The Basics

There are companies who will happily charge you for doing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). In fact, mine is one of them.

However, if you are creating your own web pages and blog posts then there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't be doing your own SEO; certainly the basics.

The three videos here on the topic of blogging outline what SEO is, particularly Parts 2&3. If you don't have a grasp of what these videos teach you, then you will not get far with your blogging at all and organic growth in the search engines is likely to be minimal

However, as these videos will illustrate, SEO is easy for the most part and you should build it into your work as you go along.

Blogging - Part 2 - On-Page SEO For Your New Blog Post

Blogging - Part 3 - Finding Keywords For Your Blog Posts

Critique Your Site - Part 1. The 6 Second Rule

Critique Your Site - Part 2. Examining the Statistics.

Critique Your Site - Part 3. Looking at Some Sites.

The main takeaway here is that you need to have a good understanding of your customers. What are people hoping to find when they come to your site? What do they really want to see and be told? What would be off putting for them and what would get them excited?

If you have a hairdresser's website, they probably want to see some stylish cuts on the front page, a picture of your salon and some indication that you won't be charging excessive rates. Unless, that is, you are in Mayfair, in which case they might want some indication that they will not have to share the salon with the kind of person who is concerned about excessive rates.

Seriously! It's horses for courses and it begins by knowing who your customer is.

Being Mobile Responsive - Why It's Important

Creating Surveys For Free Using Survey Monkey

Getting feedback really is crucial for any business and if you have a busy website where better to ask for your customer's opinions?

As you can see from the video there are lots of question types available to you with Survey Monkey, not just the simple types that I put in my form. Once you have collected the data from your questionnaires you can also present it in the form of graphs, or download it into spreadsheets.

The upside of Survey Monkey is the sophistication of the tools on offer, the downside is that for larger surveys or to have the use of all of the facilities that exist you soon get into the paid plans.

The Crucial Importance of Testimonials

Highly respected American copywriter and author of the best selling copywriting bible, Cashvertising, Drew Eric Whitman, says of testimonials:

It doesn't matter if you sell to doctors or pizzeria owners; people believe testimonials. They have since the very first one was used in 1926 by Ponds, the cold cream company. And if you're not using them, you're not just missing the boat, but the 220,000-ton Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas - the largest cruise ship on planet Earth!

Create A Form Using Google Tools. How To Embed A Form

How To Get An SSL Certificate For Your Website