Video - Easy to Do And A Powerful Persuader

There are lots of ways to create videos for your website or Facebook page. Video sells your product,  company or services better than anything else and generally it's not hard to do. Even professionally acquired videos are probably cheaper than you think. Learn more here.

Why Use Video?

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Professionally Made, High-End Videos - Example From BobFilm

Professionally made videos can make a huge difference to your site. Here is link (that will open in a new window) to a website called Bobfilm, run by Rob Jacobs, who is based in Hendon, London.

I have added one of Rob's videos, above, but there are lots to see if you click on the above link. If you read the blurb on the website you will see that his prices start at around £500.

Although Rob is based in London, smaller, professional filmmakers like him will often travel long distances to film. The cost of the video is due in large part to how long the filming will take and if you want to buy-in any special pre-recorded film footage. In conversation with Rob recently, he explained that 'if you want to keep the price down, write the film cheaply.'

You are not constrained by what the filmmaker is able to shoot in your choice of what goes into the video. There are film libraries at your filmmakers disposal from which you could choose to add clips at around £100 per 10 seconds per clip. So if you decide that you really need the Red Arrows and Usain Bolt running past it may be possible to have them. Though, the price then ramps up.

Finally, take a look at this short video on the Plain Talking HR website - a Luton based HR advisory company. Notice that the site itself is pretty simple, but the video on the home page totally transforms it. This is another example of a low cost video, done by a professional.

Self Made Talking Head Video

Self Made videos like this are fine for adding to your blogs and for educational content once that people have ventured inside your site. If you are providing useful information to somebody, you probably don't need Hollywood production quality to go with it. That said, a proper video backdrop, lighting and a cheap clip-on mic, may well have transformed this video.

At the time of writing I have a very short clip of video of myself on the Home page of this website, but it's not really good enough for a Home page and in due course it will probably have to go.

It's on the Home page where you really need to think about professionally produced video. Ditto for video about products made by a larger company, or by a small company trying to look larger. It's all a question of presentation.

Inexpensive Sketch Simulation Software - Really Easy To Do

Audacity - Audio Recording Software - Simple, Powerful And Free

Fiverr.Com - Cheap And Easy Video. All Done For You

When getting video done at Fiverr you act as a kind of director/produce/writer. You write the script, you hire the talent and if you want to you can edit the parts that come back to you.

Fiverr can be a great way of getting a reasonably professional video done for you, cheaply. I say 'reasonably' because for a few dollars you don't usually have a massive say over how the video is made. The sellers on Fiverr are cheap precisely because they are offering fixed format videos that they can knock out time and time again with just simple changes here and there. That said, the value is excellent if you choose the right gigs.

If you are brand new to Fiverr it is worth having a scout around just for the fun of it. I recently got a puppet to rap a birthday song that I wrote for a friend, which I then put up on YouTube.

Screen Recording - Ideal For Sales Demo and Training Videos

Using Camtasia to Record Your Powerpoint Presentations

Where To Host Your Videos - Alternatives To YouTube

In the end I decided to host all of the videos for this site on Youtube, but for now I have used the unlisted option when I upload.

Unlisted means that although the videos could be viewed on Youtube if you know the video URL, the videos are not offered by Youtube when somebody searches for any of the topics covered.

In addition, I have not added descriptions or keywords to any of my videos. The combination of being unlisted and being without descriptive information makes my videos all but invisible on Youtube; private in fact. Hence they are only likely to be viewed by people who visit Webwisa.

Lastly, if you are interested in looking into Simple Video Pro you can do so here.

Using Amazon S3 to Host Videos With Kevin McKillop