Your Free Hypnosis MP3

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About The Recording

Meanwhile, here is the free Concentration and Focus hypnosis MP 3 that we promised you. We hope that you will enjoy it and find it valuable. Normally a recording such as this would cost in the region of $10 - $25 to buy as a download, but we always want to supply our audience useful, free information and downloads where possible.

The hypnosis recording will download as a .zip file when you click on the link. You will need to unzip the file in order to access the MP3.

We regret that we cannot offer technical support in the event that you struggle to negotiate the downloading and playing of the MP3 - free services have their limits!

One last thing. We know that you are smart, wise and handsome/beautiful, but we are nevertheless obliged to insult your  intelligence by reminding you that hypnosis recordings should not be played whilst driving, or operating heavy or dangerous equipment. Probably not whilst making love either.

Once again, the download is here.