Home Page Design and Cross Platform Branding

Creating A Simple Website

I built a website last week for a local company, SafeSure Plumbing and Heating Ltd.

When putting together a simple commercial site like this one, there are a few things that I like to see in place, particularly for the trades:

  • A prominent telephone number – as that is how the site should work for them; by people calling them, not by emails. See picture, above.
  • A logo, which obviously needs to appear on every other platform that they use, from letterheads to social media.
  • In the header of the home page there needs to be a tagline. This is part of their unique selling proposition and, like the logo, this should become part of their cross-platform branding.
  • A limited amount of text, which should be set out to be as easily readable as possible. Unless you can hook a visitor within just a few seconds they will never read the text anyway.
  • A bulleted list of the company’s services. Again, the idea is to supply as much easily digestible information as possible.
  • A prominent mention of where the business is located and operates. In this case Luton – Beds, Herts and Bucks.
  • Good quality images that help to transmit the site’s message quickly. In this case I used an image slider with 3 slides, timed at 5 seconds. Each slide also contains a very brief and simple text message; see above.

The point of getting these things onto the home page, or other landing pages is to answer the WIIFM question (What’s in it for me) as quickly as possible; before the visitor makes the snap decision that they can probably find what they want more effortlessly elsewhere.

WIIFM is the question each of us asks every single time that we land on any website for the very first time. The only exception would be if a site already came highly recommended, or if we already knew what we would be getting; as we would with a website like Youtube.

Cross-Platform Branding

I have already alluded to cross-platform branding, but even today when so many marketing professionals bang on about the importance of branding there are still very many companies who fail to do it.

Bigger outfits are all using a wide range of web properties; the company website, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google+ for starters, but not all of them are creating headers that tie all of their web properties together with recognisable branding.

In fact, because of the huge differences in the way the various platforms are displayed on PCs, Tablets and mobiles it’s not that easy to create a clear commonality of appearance from one to another. Some major compromises have to be made.

Take a look at http://www.safesureplumbing.co.uk , https://www.facebook.com/safesureplumbing and https://twitter.com/safesureplumb to see what I mean.

You will notice that Twitter in particular looks somewhat different to the others when looked at on the PC, but this becomes necessary in order for the mobile display to make any sense at all.

Notice too that, as best I could, I secured the SafeSure Plumbing name across platforms, though it had to be truncated for Twitter and became ‘safesureplumb’.

I have also setup Google My Business and Google+ for them, but this has yet to be verified by Google and is therefore not yet viewable.

Here’s a video that I did a little while back on the topic of cross platform branding.