Green Screen Video For Your Website

The Value of getting To Know Businesses In Your Area

I spent an enjoyable hour today with ex-BBC television and radio presenter Stephen Rhodes, learning about his video production company, Bullet Point Media.

I went to visit Stephen because as website designers ourselves it is extremely useful to have an understanding of other businesses local to us that offer services which are complimentary to our own.

I came across Bullet Point Media at an exhibition for SMEs which took place just last week at the brand new Centre Parcs in Woburn Forest. I was impressed with the quality of the green screen offering they have, which is to say the ability to superimpose people over a digitally positioned background of choice.

There is absolutely nothing new about green screen technology of course, but Bullet Point’s prices are very reasonable, particularly given the post-shoot editing that comes with it and the expertise and years of professional experience that Stephen is able to bring to his work.

Web designers and marketers are very familiar with the advantages of video when it comes to websites. Not only can they sometimes illuminate what otherwise might be a dull site, but they are known to pack the biggest punch when it comes to sales impact. Ditto information delivery and training material.

Recent studies have shown that sales can be increased by up to 80% when video is involved and similarly bounce rates on web pages can be reduced substantially.

Bounce rate is the way that Google measures engagement with your website. If you arrive at a page and then immediately clear off again without first clicking on anything you are said to have ‘bounced’. A high bounce rate is generally a bad thing and Google are likely to penalise you by sending less traffic to your site as a result.

So, I was keen to have an extended chat with Stephen to find out a little more about his company and the way they work. What I really wanted to know was if they were a company that I would be happy to recommend to my clients.

It turns out that they are and a lot of other local firms would agree.

Bullet Point Media’s YouTube channel testifies to the fact that they have worked with an awful lot of companies and other organisations in and around Bedfordshire. Furthermore, I was shown videos that have been created to showcase the work done at Luton Borough Council.

Unexpected Technology

What I had failed to realise whilst at the Woburn Forest exhibition is that green screen is not the only style of video that Bullet Point Media do. Stephen pulled up examples of traditional face-to-face television type interviews, which worked all the better because the interviewer was a professional of long standing.

In addition, Bullet Point will also shoot movies on location over extended periods. However, as with any filmmaker, the key to keeping the price of a movie down is to write it cheap. Meaning, a simple talking head video will obviously come out a lot less expensive than three days spent filming at separate locations.

The coolest thing that I came across during my visit was when Stephen was proudly showing me a movie he had done for a classic vehicle hire company. One of the opening shots was clearly taken from an extremely elevated vantage point and I was intrigued to know how they had got it. After all, this was a video created for a local firm, not something that had the full might of Stephen’s former employer behind it.

The answer? They used a radio-controlled quadcopter with a camera mounted on it.

Probably I should have known, after all Google are threatening to use them to deliver mail here in the UK – they already do in the States – but somehow the notion that small companies might be using them to deliver video services had not occurred to me.

All in all, I am impressed and recommend that you take a look at Bullet Point media’s website if you think that professional video is the way to go for your business, or other project. Particularly if you are even remotely local to Eaton Bray.