About Webwisa

First and foremost Webwisa is a web based business.

We exist to supply companies with a range of services that will help support and expand their presence and profitability on the internet.

These services include web design, simple animations (explainer videos), social media management, helping websites grow an audience, content writing and so on.

Some of the work that we do is done in-house, other work is outsourced. In all cases we take ownership of what we do and only deliver services that we are proud to deliver and which we know meet the high standards of our clients. This is how we are able to deliver on projects of all sizes.

Our Goals
Our primary focus is on achieving results for our clients. Building a great website is a waste of time if nobody sees it, or it fails to grab anybody’s attention. Thus we are focussed on providing best advice, as well as delivering valuable services that will promote growth.

Free Training Materials
In addition to the services that we sell Webwisa is a growing information resource, intended to supply free advice to small businesses who are serious about gaining a stronger foothold online.

Most of the advice comes in the form of video, as this makes consumption somewhat easier.

In my day to day work; speaking with clients, potential clients and attending business networking events I get a good idea of the problems that businesses face when attempting to make an impact online. I also witness some of the mistakes that they make.

Some business owners are, of course, very internet savvy, whilst others are not. Some don’t see the point of it at all and yet more have tried and given up – having blogged and Facebooked themselves half to death, with little effect.

Webwisa is intended to be a one-stop-shop, where business people can gain insights into what works online, why websites operate in the way that they do and what they can do to gain the most traction with the least effort. View our free training videos here.

My name is Paul Gallimore and I run a Zine website design agency based in Luton. This site was launched in October 2014. I anticipate that it will get better with age, as new material is gathered and as more voices are added to the site.

Paul Gallimore

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